Reclaimed Wood

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Beautifully aged reclaimed wood is unparalleled when used appropriately to create or accent fine furniture or flooring. Wood salvaged from our region's old buildings has a history behind it and its intelligent use allows us to preserve a valuable part of our heritage.

The majority of our pieces, whether they be our contemporary/antique reproduction pieces or our collection of furniture from salvaged/repurposed materials, include reclaimed wood from multiple sources including old barns, factories, mills, etc.

In addition to reclaimed wood, many of our pieces are made with salvaged/repurposed industrial materials and machinery or found objects. Almost any object or material can be transformed into an attractive, functional piece.

Over the years, we have developed multiple sources for an extensive variety of materials, many of them one of a kind and reserved for us.

Our designs, using the repurposed/industrial materials, are built with an aesthetic different from the “industrial” pieces from other sources. We offer a hybrid type of design giving a great deal of thought to the look and intended purpose of the piece.

An exciting part of the business is working with our clients who can pick out materials from our stock and have a custom piece built exactly to their design knowing it will never be duplicated.

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Handcrafted Desk Created from 200-Year-Old Reclaimed Wood from a Farmhouse in Lakeville.
Crafted by Johnny G.